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Why We Really Go To Sex Clubs

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Plan A: Get together three to five couples for a big orgy pile.

Plan B: have a foursome with another couple.

Plan C: have an MFM threesome … or, preferably, serial MFMs for as long as my wife can take them.

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This is our playbook for going to sex clubs. But no matter what play is called, the primary objective is always the same: to connect with each other and have a memorable time.

At the very least we will get naked in a room full of other naked people and have incredible sex with each other.

We like the swinger’s / sex clubs. It’s what we do for fun on Saturday nights.

We like getting dressed up in matching costumes, strategizing, looking for partners together, executing, and simply finding out what happens.

Each time we go to a sex club we know that something is going to happen — something that’s either going to be really sexy or really funny.

Both are wins in our book.

Swinging — perhaps more than anything else — makes my wife and I feel as if we’re on the same team.

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The longer you’re with someone the more important this becomes.


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Ender Wilder
Ender Wilderhttps://swingingsolution.com
Ender Wilder is a former big media journalist and author who escaped from that world to be able to write about anything he wants. He has been actively living the swinging life with his wife for many years, and is available to coach those who are just getting into the lifestyle or have hit some bumps along the road.



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