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Sex On The Beach Party

Our experience at a beach themed erotic party.

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A big part of the fun of going to sex parties is preparing for them.

My wife takes responsibility for that, as she hunts through Amazon, Sheen, and other sites looking for creative, unique, and, most importantly, sexy costumes that fit the theme of the party we’re going to next. Through the entire process we’re talking about it, picking things out, and coming up with ideas. I suppose you can call it an extended form of foreplay … it keeps us engaging with each other, giving complements, and getting mutually excited for the upcoming event.

For us, swinging is a hobby. It’s something that we do to take our minds off our work and our other obligations and passions. It’s something to get our synapses firing. It’s something that we do to bond over, share together, and connect through. It’s really not much different than if we were mountaineers or deep sea divers or Pokemon players … except that our intrigue is probably one of the most exciting activities in the entire repertoire of human experience. Sex with new people — especially publicly — is intense. And intense experiences is what brings people closer together. And the planning, preparing, and costuming is a way to stretch the experience out from five our six hours on Saturday night to everyday of the week.

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Costumes are also a really good strategy for attracting prospective partners to you, breaking the ice, and making the connections which can lead to wild orgies and otherwise fun sex.

The theme for the party that we were preparing for was “sex on the beach” … and I dressed as a lifeguard with a red pair of tight trunks (lovingly referred to as a banana hammock) and my wife was … a shark bite victim, and wore a one-piece bathing suit that had a big shark bite taking out of the mid-section. The idea was that I was supposed to save her (which is actually one of her fantasies …), but how well I did based on her condition is up for debate.

We arrived at the party around an hour after it began. You don’t want to arrive too early because it’s kind of stiff and awkward. But you don’t want to arrive too late as many people will already be partnered or finished. We found that one hour after start time is usually good, as it gives you a chance to meet people, plant the seeds of interest, and invite them to join you in a playroom later on in the night.

We entered the party and went to the basement to take off our outer clothes and get into costume. Once set we got a drink and headed to the dance floor, saying hi to some friends along the way.

My wife and I had spent nearly all of our adult lives perpetually traveling. We’d go from city to city, country to country, making fast friends but never really becoming a part of any community. NYC is the first place we’ve ever really stayed for a while, and the groups of friends that we’ve built in the kink communities here is really something new for us and is another integral benefit of … being sluts.

Dancing is often a core part of sex parties, but is something that I’m very, very not good at. I can remember dancing with a girl one time thinking I was doing a good job and having her look me square in the face and ask, “Can you feel music?”

Yeah, not my thing. But it’s something that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need to get better at. Swinging means that you never leave the mating pool as you continuously compete for mates, and dancing is one of the primary ways that humans traditionally engage and evaluate prospective partners.

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My wife danced. I tried. We coyly checked out the scene. We fell into conversation with a couple dancing near us. The dude was from the US and the girl was from Russia. They were new to the scene — this was his second party and her first. We’re not particularly opposed to hooking up with new people — we actually did just this a couple parties ago — but there was something that just wasn’t clicking. Could have been the fact that the girl didn’t really seem to speak English and was showing signs of being a little shellshocked by the scene. The dude was good looking but wasn’t really the pinnacle of what my wife is looking for.

My wife’s range is very wide when it comes to dudes that she’d like to sexually engage with, but there is a certain type that she likes most: something of a cross between an NFL player and an underwear model. She doesn’t need to find her preferred type to have a good time — the entire point of this is just to have an exciting and memorable time together — but she kind of likes to swing for it during the early stages of a party.

So we walked around a little more, checking out the scene, and took up a spot by the fire pit that runs through the center of one of the hang out rooms. Then we were spotted. A good looking, tall, bearded dude came bouncing over to us with a big smile on his face. I recognized him. He was the dude who stood my wife up on a date a year and a half ago because he fell asleep. I brought that up immediately and we laughed it off. He was there with two of his partners, one of which was there with another male date. All were extremely attractive … and it was looking like the stage may have been getting set for some group play.

Ideally, when at parties we like groups of three or four couples + any singles who would like to join … in other words, orgies. We prefer this setup because it allows people to move fluidly from person to person and nobody is ever locked in with anyone. My wife has been in awkward situations in the past where she wanted to disengage with a partner but couldn’t find anywhere else to go … During an orgy there is always somewhere else to go — participants tend to engage with each other for a short amount of time and move on to someone else, and then, if they want, cycle back. It’s a very free, natural, and low pressure way of engaging in sex … not to mention, fun.

So I made the proposition and they said they were interested.

We parted ways and we continued making the rounds and when it felt like a good time to start playing we returned to them and my wife asked them if they’d like to join us … and we all went down to the play area in the basement.

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We found an empty area in a corner of the room on the futons that are laid out on the floor kind of like wrestling mats in a gym. We began by everybody engaging their date, we undressed, and soon began cycling. There are few things that I can think of that’s more exhilarating than this.

After it was over my wife wanted to keep going with one of the dudes, so we transitioned to an MFM as the others headed back to the hang out floor. This particular guy had a very impressive attribute: his cock was probably the largest that either of us have ever seen in real life. It was nearly as thick as mine and probably two inches longer¬† … a legitimate 9″ x 6.5″, I’d estimate. My wife enjoys cocks of all sizes, but especially likes the really big ones … and the dude was really tall, lean, and bearded. He was what she swings for, and I think it’s really hot when she gets what she likes.

She orgasmed twice with him.

After that, my wife and I engaged with each other alone for a little while … kind of reconnecting. That’s what we usually do to end the night … but we didn’t really want to go pack it in yet. So we went upstairs to the kitchen and got some food.

When I first began going to sex clubs many years ago in Prague I was initially taken aback about how there would be spreads of food available. I didn’t know that was a staple of sex clubs at that time and I found it a little interesting, as people would move right from the play rooms to the eating area … sometimes floppy cocks would be dangling right over the platters of cheese and salami … But now it’s become something that I really appreciate. After having sex with multiple people for hours the thing that you want most is to just sit down and devour a heaping big plate of food, chill out with your partner, and take a moment to fully grasp everything that had just taken place.

We finished eating, reconnected with each other, and then went to the mirror room to end the night.


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