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A Different Type Of Sex Party

A third, anyone?

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I hooked up with seven people last night … eight if you count my wife when I got home. Six of them were new partners. Not a bad haul for a night out.

It was my wife’s off week so I went to a party on my own. The theme was “bi-slut,” which sounded like something tailor made for my wife and I to do together — a fuck party for couples who like to include other men — but she was out of commission and doesn’t find much appeal in being a fluffer. So I went alone to scout it out …

It may seem odd that this type of party is unique. However, many fuck parties are either predominately straight or predominately gay affairs — or so female forward as to venture into the territory of being anti-male (“All men must be accompanied by a female chaperon at all times”). It also isn’t uncommon for parties — and even entire venues — to promote themselves with taglines such as “no single males, ever.” They require female accompaniment for men to attend and often even ban men who did show up with a female companion from entering the play areas unescorted. Now, that’s cool if that’s what you’re looking for, and I do understand that many fuck clubs are ruined by an over abundance of single males who don’t get the culture, but, for us at least, we enjoy a good string of MFMs to bookend the foursomes when we go out. In other words, one of the things my wife wants in a party is a wide selection of available cock. But even in clubs that have such a supply, the hetero/homo divide is often a barrier, and dudes often end up parallely filling holes without a crossing the line.

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This party aimed to address this.

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The place was packed with beautiful people, as this venue usually is. The costuming alone is worthy of attendance — extreme, interesting, sexy: bondage harnesses, jock straps, lingerie so skimpy it’s more accessory than clothes, raw nudity. This was the type of party where you could just sitting back watch the show ….

… but that’s not really why you go to these parties, is it?

I’m only part gay … and only a little at that. I’m about as gay as those third-generation Americans with four leaf clover tattoos are Irish. But I do like devouring women in a pile of bodies where everyone plays with everyone.

When it comes to finding people to play with at parties, I’m not shy. It’s why we’re all there, and we all know it. I feel that being up front about it is the most polite and least awkward way to operate. Usually, I chat with someone / or a couple about something for a little while to check if we’re on the same wavelength. If the conversation flows well, I will eventually say something like “I/we think you’re/you two are really hot, and if by any chance you’d like to play, I/we think that would be fun.” Oftentimes they say yes but sometimes they politely decline — many couples go to play parties and only engage with each other and it’s also not uncommon for people who are there for the first time to only want to watch … and then there’s the voyeurs, who are always only there to watch. So a rejection doesn’t always mean rejection, and there’s no point in thinking about it any deeper than that. On to the next human …

I got talking with a couple who had experience in the scene and invited them to play. They were into it. The girl was from the UK, was plump in the right places, and was wearing a skimpy black lingerie onesie. The dude was wearing a leather harness with bondage ring connectors over his bare torso … and I believe he was wearing tight leather pants. The play portion of the party was getting going, and the mats were filling up. We found an unoccupied corner and got naked. She began sucking my cock while stroking her boyfriend. I tipped her back, moved her onsie off to the side, and began licking her pussy. I then rose up, asked if I could fuck her, put on a condom, and put my cock inside… I eventually turned her around and began fucking her from behind while she sucked her boyfriend’s cock until she came.

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I then moved on to another woman. I was talking with her and her boyfriend earlier, and they seemed interested. Her boyfriend was hooking up with a dude and she was just standing there watching, so I walked up and asked if she would like to play. She did. We found a little sliver of space on one of the mats and I removed her panties and began licking her pussy. She then sucked my cock. We fucked. She came. We parted ways.

A little while later her boyfriend approached me and said, “She wants to watch me get fucked by the thick cock she just came on.” Not the most graceful proposition, but there was something about it that I liked. I’ve also never said no at a sex party before.

So we found a space at the other end of the play room, which was by this time packed with naked, fucking people, and he got down on his hands and knees. His girlfriend sucked my cock and got me ready. I put on a condom and did what he requested. Afterwards I laid back and told his girlfriend to sit on my face. She straddled me and I licked her pussy and ass while she sucked my cock. We began fucking again … and then her boyfriend asked if we could do double penetration. We shot for vaginal and anal at first, but he had difficulty getting his cock in her ass, so he joined me inside her pussy. I could feel her stretching. I’m over 7” thick … but she was clearly enjoying it.

Eventually, he pulled out and I flipped her over and began fucking her on top. Her boyfriend told me that he wanted me to cum on her cunt so he could lick it up. I told her what he wanted me to do and asked if it would be alright. She said it would be. “He really likes cum,” she said. I fucked her and she came again. I was ready as well and pulled out and removed the condom as her boyfriend reached across and pointed to where he wanted me to cum. I let it go and it streamed down over her clit, parted around her labia, and drizzled down into her hole. The boyfriend then excitedly moved down between her legs and began licking up every drop as she moaned and shivered, still cumming.

I had a few other minor hookups and then called it a night. Altogether, I sexually engaged with seven people at the party … and then I went home and got my wife off and came in her mouth.

So eight people in one night. That’s a new record for me. Previously, I was at six. I’m not sure if I can top eight … but we’ll just have to find out.

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